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I use Debt to buy Assets. Most people use debt unfortunately to buy toys and liabilities.

Robert KIYOSAKI • Entrepreneur, Investor & Author

Loan & Credit

In order to meet business or family's financial goals, a judicious mix of "own" and "loan" funds can be appropriately considered. Dhanayoga's Loan and Credit financing solutions are designed to perfectly meet your personal and business credit needs. 

It can help you to meet needs such as working capital / business expansion, accelerate life goals achievement (e.g., buy a house / plot / commercial property, self (or) children's higher education, buy a vehicle (car/two-wheeler), refinance an existing high cost loan or quickly get funds for emergency / contingency situations in a 100% digital and seamless manner. 

Loan options available are:

  • Home Loan (Mortgage) (75% to 90% of (New) Property Value | Tenure: 30 Yrs) - Apply Now
  • Loan Against Property (Residential or Commercial) - Apply Now
  • Loan Against Portfolio (Stocks / MFs) (Up to 45% for Equities and 80% for Debt Schemes | Tenure: 1 Yr (Renewable) - Apply Now | Apply via M-App
  • Education Loan (Up to Rs 1.50 Cr | Tenure: 15 Yrs) - Apply Now
  • Personal Loan - Apply Now
  • Reverse Mortgage Loan (Valuation based | Tenure: 15 Yrs | For Sr. Citizens only) - Contact Now
  • Pensioner Loan (EMI <= 50% of Pension | Tenure: 6 Yrs | Age: <= 76 Yrs - Contact Now
  • Business  / Working Capital Loan - Apply Now
  • Loan Against Property Rentals (Commercial) - Apply Now
  • Gold Loan

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